Wednesday 20 Feb 2019
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Streamline Tax Resolution, LLC

Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier

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Wage Garnishment Release



The IRS can place a Wage Garnishment on your W-2 & 1099 wages when you have past due tax liabilities. The IRS can force your employer or vendors to hold back your weekly wage to pay off your tax debt. Having your wages garnished can be a difficult and embarrassing experience. 


How much will the IRS take when they garnish your wages? A quarter of your paycheck? Half your paycheck? More? The exact amount of your Wage Garnishment depends on your filing status, including your number of exemptions and how often your employer pays you. Take a deep breath because the average IRS Wage Garnishment is more than half of the taxpayer’s paycheck. In fact, the amount that the IRS will leave you for basic survival is ridiculously low. 


Can you live on $179 a week? That is the amount you will have to live on if you file "single", get paid weekly, and claim one exemption when the IRS garnishes your paycheck because you owe back taxes. The IRS wants your income taxes to be paid! The wage garnishment stays in effect until the IRS is fully paid or until the IRS agrees to release or modify the garnishment.


Yes, you will be left with very little money to support yourself and your family. When the IRS decides how much of your paycheck to take, they don’t take into account how much money you need for necessities outside of the national standard of living. If the IRS garnishes your wages, most likely you will be struggling not only to pay your bills, but also to simply survive. Your lifestyle will be a skeletal phantom of what it was in the past. In addition, interest and penalties will continue to accrue on the amount you owe in back taxes. 


Streamline Tax Resolution understands how stressful and disturbing a Wage Garnishment can be to you and your family. Immediately after your call or meeting with one of our tax experts, we will begin negotiations with the IRS to release the Wage Garnishment. Often we can secure a release with our first contact. If not, we will determine what the IRS requires to stop the Wage Garnishment and work quickly to get your paycheck back into your hands.

Once the Wage Garnishment has been stopped, we can work with you to solve other tax issues that are disrupting your life. With professional consulting from Streamline Tax Resolution, you can get on with your personal and business pursuits, freed from the worry of tax troubles.

Contact us today (888)545-5789 to schedule an appointment with a specialist from Streamline Tax Resolution.


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