Wednesday 20 Feb 2019
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Streamline Tax Resolution, LLC

Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier

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Potential Tax Relief

The answer to this question depends on the different variables of your specific situation. Your total assets, income, and expenses all factored into our analysis. In an average case, we save tens of thousands of dollars for our clients, not to mention time and money by using our services in handling your situation.


If you qualify, per IRS/State Tax law and regulations, AND follow our directions/advice all the way through to the end (resolution), we can get you great results! However, your results will vary depending upon your unique set of facts and circumstances.


Our firm is experienced in helping clients save thousands in back tax dollars by utilizing our knowledge of the IRS tax laws to negotiate the best settlement that the law allows. We stand by ready to put that expertise and knowledge to work for you. Emphasizing the importance of customer service in everything we do, you will find our staff extremely courteous and understanding of your current financial situation.  We will not allow you to retain our firms' services unless you are a legitimate candidate for tax relief.




To get an assessment of your particular case, contact us and speak directly with one of our Streamline Tax Resolution experts at 888-545-5789!


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