Wednesday 20 Feb 2019
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Streamline Tax Resolution, LLC

Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier

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Suspended Status (CNC)


If you are experiencing tremendous financial hardship, one of the most dramatic tax relief options is Currently Non Collectible status, where all collection action is frozen against a taxpayer or business. That means the threat to collect back taxes is placed on indefinite hold until the client gets back on their feet, allowing them room and time to breathe.


CNC status is a reprieve against collections, but does not eliminate the tax debt. In addition, penalties and interest will continue to accrue. At some point the tax debt may need to be repaid if and when the taxpayer begins earning enough money. However, getting on currently non collectible status can be a very good choice when a financial hardship warrants it.

Working with our team of experienced Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, and CPAs can greatly increase your chances of settling tax debt for less than what you owe, if you qualify, and we may also be able to obtain levy releases a lot faster.

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