Monday 20 May 2019
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Streamline Tax Resolution, LLC

Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier


"Tax problems don't just disappear. In fact, if left unresolved, the IRS can seize your property.We are committed to helping our clients get their lives back by protecting their assets & getting the best tax resolution the law allows. This could possibly mean settling tax debt for just a fraction of what's owed"

Streamline Tax Resolution CEO Craig Thomas, CPA, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

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The Best of Professionals


At Streamline Tax Resolution, we provide all of the services necessary to resolve your tax debt issues. We strategize based upon the clients' needs, to obtain the best settlement the law allows. We will also take a proactive approach to identify tax opportunities to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. Some of the relief will be instant, and some will be over time. It is important to keep in mind that the IRS problems didn't start overnight, so it may take some time to resolve. But keep in mind, once you retain our services, your IRS problem will get resolved. 






We'll advise you on what steps to take for the most effective resolution. Generally, the first step to resolution is getting you into compliance. This means delinquent tax returns must be filed, estimated tax payments must be current, payroll tax payments for the current period have been made. At Streamline Tax Resolution, we can guide you through all of the above.


Once we are successful in obtaining the best settlement allowed by the law, you will no longer have to look over your shoulder, and you can get on with your personal and business pursuits, freed from the worry of tax troubles.

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