Sunday 23 Feb 2020
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Streamline Tax Resolution, LLC

Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier


"Tax problems don't just disappear. In fact, if left unresolved, the IRS can seize your property.We are committed to helping our clients get their lives back by protecting their assets & getting the best tax resolution the law allows. This could possibly mean settling tax debt for just a fraction of what's owed"

Streamline Tax Resolution CEO Craig Thomas, CPA, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

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  • Back taxes, along with penalties & interest, can snowball into a debt larger than you can manage. It can make you feel like you're at the end of your rope.

  • The constant harassment from the IRS or State taxing agencies often causes strain & tension between loved ones. Unsettled back tax problems could eventually lead to the seizure of assets.

  • Regardless of your financial situation, if you make the first move to contact us, Streamline Tax Resolution can often obtain instant relief by stopping the IRS from ensuing collection action (i.e. levy, garnishment, property seizures, etc)...

  • Take a deep breath, tax relief is available to you. Regardless of your situation, Streamline Tax Resolution can help.

  • Imagine your life without having to look over your shoulder for the IRS. Call Streamline Tax Resolution TODAY and begin the process! (888)545-5789.

We Specialize in Representing Individuals, Partnerships & Corporations Before the IRS and All State Taxing Agencies


                 TAX PROBLEMS?


  • Renegotiate Your Current IRS/State Payment Plan to One That You Can Afford
  • Threatening IRS/State Collection Letters
  • Garnished Wages/Levied Bank Accounts
  • Levied Self-Employed 1099 Income
  • And Much More

  IRS or State Tax Debt

There are numerous circumstances that can lead to back tax problems. However, once a tax liabilitiy has been assessed by either the IRS or the State taxing authority, the most important thing to do is to:

                        TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!                                                       

The following, are responses we often hear from people who fail to take immediate action to resolve their tax problems: 

  • "I'm waiting on an expected cash windfall before I attempt to handle my tax issue." The problem is that in most cases, the windfall is delayed, or it never happens.

  • "I'm waiting for personal finances to improve." The issue here is that, for many households, as soon as one bill is paid off, another one takes its place.

  • "I plan on addressing my tax issue just as soon as I..." The problem with procrastinating in addressing those collection letters is that your IRS/State tax problems will continue to escalate towards a "worse case scenario".

Each day that passes, your tax debt grows with penalties and interest. It is not going to just disappear! 

The good news is, by hiring Streamline Tax Resolution, it's possible to settle your tax liability for less than what's owed. 

If you have an IRS tax debt, don't let it linger and continue to accrue penalties & interest. Call us or email us TODAY to schedule a FREE (NO COST) consultation!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, but plenty to gain!

Danger of Delaying


A delinquent IRS debt can be very costly. The IRS will calculate penalties and interest on the amount owed, which often snowballs into bigger trouble.



Potential Tax Relief  


How much can I save if I take advantage of services provided by Streamline Tax Resolution? How long will it take for my tax issues to be resolved?


Stop IRS in 3 Easy Steps:

  Start A New Beginning

Step #1:

Contact Us Today to schedule a FREE consultation

Step #2:

Discuss your needs with an experienced Certified Tax Resolution Specialist with your FREE & CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

Step #3:

Let Streamline Tax Resolution help you get your life back, and relax with the surety of knowing you'll no longer have to deal with the IRS. 

With Just One Phone Call, You Can Stop IRS and State Tax Collector Harassment Today!


  Losing Sleep? We Can Help!


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 Get A Fresh Start TODAY!

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